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An All-terrain vehicle or ATV is one that is specially designed to handle a wide variety of terrains that most other vehicles can’t handle. Its purpose is to act as a singular solution to multiple problems arising due to changes in geography and landscape. It can adapt to any change in terrain quickly and serve its purpose without any hindrance.

In short, an ATV is specially designed to operate under all conditions including unfavorable ones. Today’s enterprise network landscape is quite similar, with many uncertainties lurking around.

In order to have control of what is happening in the network, it is important to have a specially designed tool that can handle uncertain situations and still report with accuracy.

Network traffic exists in multiple forms. The network comprises of data, voice and video. Apart from this, there is always an insecurity associated with the enterprise network from malicious sources.

A single tool that can help monitor all classes of traffic, without having to be separately purchased and installed would simply be the ATV of traffic analytics.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer clearly stands out as the one tool that would act as a comprehensive solution to all problems associated with traffic analytics. It is capable of generating highly granular traffic reports, monitor VoIP parameters, monitor QoS, monitor video traffic etc. and generate reports in a very user-friendly manner. The Advanced Security Analytics module covers the security analytics aspect of network traffic and helps in anomaly detection, detecting zero-day intrusions etc.

It is the one and only tool that is complete by design and covers every aspect of traffic analytics.

Download and see for yourself the ATV of traffic analytics, NetFlow Analyzer from ManageEngine, a comprehensive bandwidth monitoring, traffic analytics tool.

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