Password Manager Pro Consolidates Leadership in Privileged Identity Management

First some statistics:

  • Global customer base grew by 45% during 2012; Grew 61 percent in Germany; Netherlands 52 percent; Australia 50 percent; Canada, UK and USA 45 percent; Middle East 36 percent
  • Won the goodwill of SMEs as well as a great number of large enterprises; New deployments include three of the world’s largest enterprises and 12 Fortune 500 corporations
  • More than 50,000 administrators and over 150,000 users log in every day and manage millions of privileged passwords
  • Password Manager Pro has one of the largest customer bases in enterprise privileged identity management market

Now, the details:

We have added 45 percent more customers to our global customer base in 2012. The soaring customer base is driven by robust growth in multiple countries across the globe confirming our leadership position in privileged identity management.

In addition to continuing the winning streak on earning and retaining the business of SMEs, Password Manager Pro has won the goodwill of a great number of large enterprises that have deployed it to control access to the massive IT infrastructure of their complex data centers.

The list of new account large enterprises include the IT divisions of over a dozen Fortune 500 corporations and three of World’s largest organizations –  world’s largest software maker, world’s largest retail chain and world’s largest virtualization platform provider – truly giants in their respective segments having a great brand value and recognition all over the globe. Technology, banking and financial services, education, healthcare and government were the dominant markets served.

Now, on a typical day, more than 50,000 administrators and 150,000 users login to Password Manager Pro and manage millions of privileged passwords.

With proliferation of password-protected IT assets making privileged password management a tedious and time-consuming headache for IT teams of all sizes, Password Manager Pro offers a perfect, automated, policy-driven solution to take total control of the privileged identities.

Password Manager Pro has maintained momentum by continuously rolling out innovative features and enhancements to help enterprises bolster internal security, thereby delivering great value to customers. In 2012, Password Manager Pro became the first solution to offer both privileged identity management and session management in a single, unified solution. Other major enhancements announced during 2012 include:

  • First-in-class, no-frills auto logon for launching Windows RDP and SSH terminal sessions.
  • Provision to completely video record, archive and play back privileged sessions launched from the product.
  • Secure offline access with provision to automatically synchronize to users’ mobile devices.
  • One-click auto logon to auto-fill the login page of web applications with appropriate username/password information.

Above all, we have kept our existing customers very happy!

Winning new and newer customers every passing day indeed sounds thrilling. But, the fact that we have kept our existing customers highly satisfied brings us the ultimate delight and we take pride in that.

Thank you, our dear customers! We will continue our momentum in 2013 in delivering exciting features that would help strengthen IT security and protect your business.

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