Non-intrusive & Real-time Monitoring of Corporate Users Internet Activity – Part IV

In continuation to our earlier posts Non-intrusive & Real-time Monitoring of Corporate Users’ Internet Activity Part – I, Part – II, and Part – III, we will now show you how to monitor corporate users’ Internet activity with Firewall Analyzer – Custom Report.

Use Case 3: Custom Report

With Firewall
Analyzer you can create a custom report to get the web sites (URLs) visited by network
users. The custom report generated will be available under ‘My Reports’.

This report displays
the details of the web sites accessed by an enterprise user like, URLs, URL
Categories, Number of visits (Hits), Date & Time of visit, Duration of
visit, Total bytes consumed, Resource, Source, Destination, Protocol, Bytes
sent and Bytes received. The details can be chosen as per requirement.

The screen shot of
web access report for user ‘
samuel’ is displayed below:


The procedure to
create a report profile is given below.

Step 1:

Create custom report

Add New > Report Profile



Step 2:

Select the required


Add a new filter for the
report profile of select an existing filter.




Add a
new report filter.


Include or exclude the
Protocols, IP/Hosts, Destination, Events, and User in the filter. The ‘include’
and ‘exclude’ filter criteria combination offers basic level correlation. Select ‘Include the following User’. Specify the user to be filter as ‘samuel’ in the text box and add it.


Step 3:

Select the graphical
and table report types. If required schedule the periodic generation of report


Configure the
graphical setting of the report


Configure the table
setting of the report


With this, web sites
access report for each user can be generated. As you can see the filters and
report settings are so flexible that versatile reports can be created to
monitor the employee web usage.

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