IT360: The Unified Monitoring Solution You Can Now Evaluate in the Cloud

Does this happen to you?

We often hear a scenario like that from people like you who want to evaluate IT360 but are unable to procure a server to run it, which prevents them from evaluating the product in a timely manner. So we’re eliminating this bottleneck for you and making it easier to evaluate our solution.

IT360, our unified monitoring software, is now available on the cloud for free evaluation. That’s right: we host it while you evaluate it.

So what do you get with the ​cloud-based evaluation of IT360?

We are providing a hosted instance of the IT360 Professional Edition for the evaluation. We have also provided a simulated environment to configure and monitor a few network devices, services, and applications. You can evaluate all the features of the product right from the discovery stage to the ​configuration of devices and alarms and the reporting of various KPIs. The service desk module allows you to test the ITSM functionality of IT360, from managing tickets to creating a CMDB from scratch.

​So what you waiting for? Go ahead, create an account, and unleash the power of Unified Monitoring with ManageEngine IT360. You can create your IT360 evaluation account here.

What if you don’t want the hosted model?

We understand that some of you still want to use and evaluate IT360 by installing it on your server and monitoring devices from your own network. That’s why we’re retaining our on-premise evaluation mode, too. You can download the free trial version here. Please select the “Download” option in the form to get the .exe file of IT360.

Please note that the hosted IT360 instance is available for evaluation only. You will still need to procure a server if you need to deploy it for production. We just hope that your IT team has a spare or that you have generous colleagues.




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