Generating traffic report for business hours

This blog explains the use of business hour filters for traffic reports in NetFlow Analyzer.

To take effective business decisions, it is important to be able to segregate business hour traffic for effective drilling down. NetFlow Analyzer’s business hour filter option helps a great way in meeting this objective.

To use this feature, drill down to the interface and select the time period(time period should be more than 6 hours). Click on the icon next to the Category column. In the pop-up window you can mentioned the time period and click on ‘show’. This will filter the traffic information for the selected time period.

You can click on show data point and can check at which point the bandwidth was utilized the most. 

Also you can view the Application and the Conversation happened by clicking on the tabs in the UI.

In Capacity planning:

For the customer who uses Professional Plus Edition they also can use Capacity Planning feature and use the business hour filter. 

You can generate the report as mentioned below:

Schedule report.

You can also create schedule report with working hours and even exclude week end.

Hope this helps.

Arun Karthik Asokan

NetFlow Analyzer Technical Team

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