Why using technology in business meant for personal use is a bad idea

Technology is necessary in order to run almost any business imaginable. Even the smallest organization, such as an auto repair shop or a flower stand, has website to attract new customers and the larger the organization the more technology the company needs.

Word processing tools, accounting software, payroll software and security software are all necessary to operating a successful business. Many small businesses chose to use software or tools designed for home users in place of enterprise technologies in order to save money. They use excel spreadsheets to keep track of their bills or instead of using payroll software they simply write checks and keep track of their finances using a basic spreadsheet. This can be a dangerous practice. As a business starts to grow it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of their finances using a basic spreadsheet and it becomes necessary for these organizations to upgrade from the technology meant for home use.

Nowhere is this truer than with security products. A company may be able to get by with an excel sheet for their accounting, but simple virus scanners and security solutions meant for home use will not protect a business network properly. Business networks may not be any more vulnerable than home networks because hackers tend not to target specific networks (instead they create botnets or viruses that look for any vulnerability and take advantage of it). However, business networks have more users and more to lose from a security breach than home networks.

If a home user has a security breach on their network they may lose some personal information or even have their computer become a botnet zombie. I don't want to minimize the damage this can do to an individual but they can avoid these mistakes by not clicking on links from unknown sources etc. Also, the only one hurt is the individual and hopefully their virus scanner will eventually notice the problem.

Businesses on the other hand can lose customer data and a breach can severely hurt the organization's reputation, possibly forever. Also, they organization has more users on the network so the odds of an individual visiting a site with malware or accidently downloading malware are greater. Business networks need business level security. Virus scanners are not enough. These organizations need strong firewalls, content filtering capabilities and more.


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