Security and employee productivity

Many organizations view Internet security as a necessary expense and nothing more. They realize it is crucial to secure their network and select security products that will block malware and filter spam.

While recognizing the need for security is a positive step, many of these organizations are missing out on an opportunity to improve their business operations by using these same tools. The most useful security products aren't simply roadblocks for hackers; they also help contribute to an organization's bottom line. Here are some ways security solutions can help improve business operations by improving productivity.

Spam Filters
Employee productivity can be difficult to measure but is an important part of creating a successful business. All organizations want their employees to be as productive as possible, but constant distractions sap productivity. Employees are bombarded with email all day long, and many of these messages are useless (and dangerous) spam messages. In fact, it has been reported that, depending on the source, somewhere between 80% – 90% of all emails can be classified as spam. Also spam costs the average medium sized company upwards of $185,000 a year in lost productivity – and that doesn't even include the costs of cleaning off a network if the spam message has malware, spyware or a virus on it. With so many messages to wade through, classify and then delete manually, spam has a significant impact on productivity. Security solutions that posses strong spam filtering capabilities eliminate the majority of spam in employees' inboxes, preventing the productivity drain.

Content filtering
Content filtering capabilities prevent lost productivity due to inappropriate or excessive web surfing. It also helps reduce the risk of being labeled a hostile work environment by preventing employees from accessing sites that are considered offensive. Properly filtering content can help keep your business's network safe from spyware as malicious sites are blocked from the network. This also preserves your networks performance as it isn't bogged down with spyware or malware, nor is bandwidth being eaten up by non-work web usage.

Working from home
Offering your employees the ability to work from home can increase employee morale and productivity. Employees who have access to the network from remote locations are more likely to work outside the office, and to contribute to the business outside regular business hours. As more and more businesses offer work at home policies and have mobile workers, remote access to the corporate network from any location will become a business staple. Setting up VPN clients on individual machines his a huge administrative hurtle to offering VPN connectivity.

Internet security products do more than just protect your network from viruses and other malware. They improve productivity and increase


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