New power-user home use license

Dear Home Users,

with the recent release of version 3.2, our all-in one security software, we introduced a new license model, It included a new feature set for the “free-of-charge” home user license.Through the feedback in the bulletin board, it became clear to us that the new model did not fit the needs of the “power home users”, who provide valuable support to other end users, as well as important feedback to our R&D team.

We have decided to provide a new “free-of-charge” power home user license (equivalent to the Enterprise Edition of our product) to qualifying UBB users. In order to ensure that potential users would not be better accommodated by a commercial license, a “free-of-charge” license will ONLY be offered to active, visible UBB participants. These users must have a history of valuable input regarding bug reports. Additionally, they should provide general support to the forum, on an on-going basis.

The Enterprise Edition is valid for one year, and features

  • unlimited IPs
  • unlimited SMTP Domains
  • unlimited VPN Tunnels
  • Gigabit Support
  • High Availability through Hot Standby
  • Load Balancing

You can request this power home use license via our fax form on [click “Licensing” in the menu]. Please make sure that you have entered your valid UBB Member Number. You do not need to order the Virus or Surf Protection option in order to receive the power home user license.

With this revised model, we hope to retain and grow the expertise and contributions of our loyal power users, while still offering a standard “free-of-charge” home user license. We anticipate that this should accomodate the needs of the majority of our other home users.

Best Regards,


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