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Up2Date 1.825
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Dear Astaro Customer / Evaluation Users,

We plan to release the Astaro Security Linux 2.0 Up2Date package for all ASL 1.8x users around Sept. 26 . The actual date will be announced 2 days in advance on our User Bulletin Board (UBB), www.astaro.org. We strongly recommend that you switch your firewall to manual Up2Date service at this time, as this Up2Date package is quite large, and will require a reboot of the firewall (approximately 5 minutes downtime) during the Up2Date process.
Your current configuration will still work with ASL 2.0.

Also, we advise you to backup your configuration and IPSec RSA Key and have the 1.8 installation CD available in case you experience problems and need to revert to the ASL 1.8 version.

Please note that we have identified potential problems with the new Tulip driver. This driver is necessary for DLINK Quad cards, but is as well being used by a number of other cards as a generic driver, but has not been certified by those companies nor have they provided specific drivers for their cards. Users of those cards and the Tulip driver should consider testing ASL 2.0 in a separate testing environment before Updating their production firewall.

The System Up2date service has been separated from virus pattern Up2date service, each service has individual options (e.g. check every hour for virus pattern updates, and do system updates manually).

Also, if you plan to use Microsoft's PPTP as a VPN client, you will have to first redefine the User Definitions on the firewall the WebAdmin will guide you.

Evaluation users will not be able to run the virus protection option with Version 2.0. This is only available on licensed versions of Astaro Security Linux with a valid license key.

For personal, non-commercial users, who wish to continue running the virus protection option, there will now be a $49 annual charge. To receive your license key, please visit our homepage to obtain a fax order form.

Thank you to all who have helped test ASL 2.0 during the beta period. We are confident that we have delivered a high quality upgrade and look forward to your continued input on future versions. A list of the new functionality in Astaro Security Linux 2.0 can be found at http://www.astaro.org/cgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=1&t=000068.

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