Five Security Resolutions for 2012

As 2011 comes to a close and we prepare to usher in a new year it is time to reflect on transgressions from the past 12 months and on how we can better ourselves in the coming year. In addition to making resolutions to lose weight or exercise more, we at Astaro, Sophos Network Security, urge you to consider committing to resolutions that will help secure your personal and business networks. Below are some suggestions for resolutions. At the turn of the year, it has become a tradition for many to seize the opportunity to leave one or the other bad habit behind and start anew. Why not also deploy this vigor for the best friend of the modern era: your PC, Laptop, Smart Phone or Tablet will be thankful too (and at the same time, your online world gets a little bit more secure!). If you want to pledge your commitment simply “like” this post or add a comment at Facebook.

Resolution No. 1: I will not access the Internet without up to date malware protection and an installed firewall and antivirus

Why? Last year150,000 malware attacks were registered* daily! If only everybody would install sufficient security software, this threat would be minimalized.

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Resolution No. 2: I will not click on tinyURLs, hyperlinks or links of unknown origin without investigating first.

Why? Even if you think you know the sender or the site, this won’t guarantee your safety. 80% of these URLs stem from former legitimate pages, which were either hacked or infected.

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Resolution No. 3: I will update my security software package regularly and with a watchful eye!

Why? Fake antivirus software and SEO poisoning are the number one way malware is spread. Therefore stay alert and don’t blindly install updates, make sure they are from your provider. Otherwise, you are opening the door for new security breaches.

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Resolution No. 4: I will not wait until my laptop is stolen or lost before I encrypt data!

Why? Loss or theft of hardware makes up 30% of all data loss scenarios. Do your best to physically protect your hardware, but also make sure information is encrypted in case these precautions fail.

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Resolution No. 5: I will stop using “password” as my password

Why? In 2011, passwords such as “password”, “123456”, “qwerty” and “abc123” were still topping the most used passwords list*. Moreover, 67% of all mobile device users haven’t installed any password protection at all. A secure password can go a long way towards protecting your data.

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* Sources: Sophos Security Threat Report Mid-Year 2011, Data Loss DB, TNS


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