Astaro Security Linux V4 is out!

Astaro proudly releases the fourth generation of it's flagship product. Astaro Security Linux V4 combines leading-edge Open Source security technologies with a new graphical look and feel that offers users a polished, easy-to-use perimeter security solution. Thanks to anybody on this board who contributed to this release! We received a tremendous amount of highly qualified feedback, praise and blame during our Beta phase.

Key features of this latest release include:

  • Heuristic Spam Protection
  • PPPoE and PPPoA DSL dial-up
  • Faster and enhanced WebAdmin
  • LDAP User Authentication
  • NAT Traversal for IPSec
  • Dynamic filtering per VPN tunnel
  • Transparent POP3 Proxy with optional Virus Protection
  • VLAN (802.1q)
  • Wireless LAN (802.11b)

A detailed description of the new features can be downloaded here.

Astaro Security Linux V4 is a free update to all users current in their Up2Date services. For pricing information please contact:

To update to V4 please use the backup feature to save your configuration, load the V4 CD and then restore the backup file. All configurations will be transferred, but please review the settings carefully especially if using V3.3 (Beta) backup files.

We will be releasing an auto update facility within 60 days after this release. This will allow registered customers to automatically elect to (1) stay with either the v2 or V3 branch; or (2) update to V4 without requiring a CD load. Updating from the V4 beta to final V4 will is available through the Up2Date mechanism since two days here.

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Software ist available for free download at our HTTP and FTP server:

HTTP: Astaro USAstaro GermanyAustralian MirrorAustria MirrorJapanese Mirror
FTP: Astaro USAstaro GermanyAustralian Mirror – Austria MirrorJapanese Mirror

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