Astaro Security Linux 1.790

Check the new Astaro Security Linux 1.790

Download Information
asl-1.790.iso : 126736384 bytes : md5sum ba29a61b99d7d77dc2d3c3d610266d6c
asl-1.790.iso.gz : 43660407 bytes : md5sum 21e936ea6f4e7f35efe8d599d1d91228

Up2Date packages will be released next week.


  • added SOCKS5 Proxy Service
  • enhanced connection tracking, will check validity of connections when firewall rules change
  • added new Portscan detection module ( , able to detect nifty nmap scans
  • added user authentication against RADIUS, SMB/SAM and local databases
  • fixed group expansion
  • fixed some java script errors
  • new X.509 certificate for the WebAdmin
  • fixed reboot
  • fixed FTP tracking



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