ASL V5 ISO 5.007 available

This ASL V5 ISO image includes all recently released Up2Date packages.

For documentation, please see the documentation section of the Astaro web site:

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Hardware Requirements (Hardware Calculator):

  • CPU: PII > 400MHz
  • RAM: 128 MB (256 recommended)
  • CDROM: IDE or SCSI (see HCL for supported SCSI controller)
  • Harddisk: > 5GB IDE or SCSI (see HCL for supported SCSI controller)
  • NIC: at least 2 PCI NICs (see HCL for support chipsets)

Interoperability and Migration

  • ASL V4 back-up files can be imported into V5.
  • The recommended way of upgrading from V4 to V5 is to (1) save a back-up file, (2) install V5, (3) re-import the back-up file, (4) perform a manual configuration. There will not be a V4-to-V5 migration kit, because of changes in the Linux kernel.
  • Moving from V4 to V5 will not have any impact on the use of the Astaro IPSec Client (AIC) or other IPSec VPN clients.
  • Astaro Configuration Manager (ACM) 5.3 can be used with Astaro Security Linux V5. However, initially it will configure only the features that have been available in ASL V4. Features that are new with ASL V5, including Intrusion Protection, need to be configured through WebAdmin. Later in the year ACM will be enhanced to support the new features in ASL V5. The ACM releases with enhancements will be announced on this bulletin board.

New! Use MyAstaro for Downloads and Licenses

Astaro downloads and licenses will now be handled through the new MyAstaro web site (, which is replacing the Astaro Registration Portal. You can get to MyAstaro three ways:

  1. Go directly to
  2. From the Astaro web site ( or click the link in the upper left of that says”Log in” or the tab in the upper right corner that says “MyAstaro”
  3. Click on any link on the Astaro Registration Portal

If you want an evaluation copy of Astaro Security Linux V5, go to MyAstaro and complete a short form to create a MyAstaro account. You will then be taken to a screen where you can request a V5 evaluation license and then download a free evaluation version of Astaro Security Linux.


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