ASG Beta Release Version 7.470

Our Beta community will be excited to hear that we have just made available the third package in our 7.500 release testing. This Up2Date draws heavily on the feedback from our Beta Testing Forum. We've made improvements to features, cleaned up a lot of areas to make them more production-ready, and advanced the quality and speed of of the entire release.

Due to the way our Beta infrastructure is organized and separated from the production/GA release network, this Up2Date package may take a while for your ASG to acquire fully. Any download slowness or delays in the package propagating to your Beta-test are due to this reason only, and when the GA version launches it will use the full power of our content distribution network. You can read on for the full details of this Beta Up2date! At around 175 Megabytes in size, its a very large Up2Date, so please be patient as it distributes.

We have made improvements to SSL VPN, WebAdmin, HTTP Proxy, Reporting, and the Flow Monitor, along with most other areas of the Beta. This release is available both as an Up2Date download package from 7.460 (Beta 2), as well as a full ISO image for both ASG appliances and software installs on your own hardware platform. Feel free to join us in the Beta using these options, or you can re-install at any time with the latest Beta version and restore a backup from any 7.40x or Beta 7.5 release for continued testing.

Please note:

If you are already testing the 7.460 Beta release, your installation will automatically download the Up2Date and make it available to install via WebAdmin. You do not need to download this package manually (unless you wish to).  

Details and Download

Up2Date 7.470 Package

Size : 184484744 bytes (175MB)
MD5sum: a5f784ec85bfecb8a6d61508ce1f41b9

ISO (Software)

Size : 533086208 bytes (508MB)
Md5sum: 223debac4d4f242b09382bf688bcaa99

ISO (ASG Hardware Appliances)

Size : 556654592 bytes (530MB)
Md5sum: 85300ba149c9a79900b92ad51d09f92b

Thank you for your continued testing and feedback!

Your Astaro Team


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