Anti-Virus Scanner Announcement for Older ASG Versions

Astaro Security Gateway has dual, separate Anti-Virus Engines from different providers for all installations using Web or Mail Security. Customers have their choice to run in “single scan” mode which currently uses the Enterprise scanner from Avira, or in “dual scan” mode which then adds additional scanning from the Open Source ClamAV engine.

ClamAV has upgraded their core engine with a new version which is mandatory in order to support their patterns going forward. To accommodate this, we will make a change to the AV scanning behavior of ASG which our users should be aware of.

As of March 29th, 2010, installations running Astaro Security Gateway 7.400-7.405 will have their ClamAV scanning engines upgraded via a special “Pattern” Up2Date. These installations will then have the latest ClamAV engine for continued use of Dual Scanning mode. (ASG installations running 7.500+ are already compatible and upgraded, so no changes will occur if your installation is kept updated to the latest version.).

While keeping your ASG installation Up2Date to the latest version is always the most reliable way to have the strongest protection, please note that if your installation of ASG has not been updated in 13 months or longer and is currently using 7.200-7.306, it is not upgradeable to the newest ClamAV engine.
For these customers who are using Web or Mail Security with Dual Scanning, on April 12th, 2010 the mode will be switched to “Single Scan” automatically. For customers using these older versions, if dual scanning engines are important to you, please update to the latest ASG version.

Note: Versions 7.0xx and 7.1xx are not covered and should be upgraded to a higher version before April 15th. If you are running a version older than 7.400 and have further questions, or require help in updating to the newest revision of ASG V7, please open a support ticket or contact your Astaro partner for assistance.


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