Optrics Insider – Checkpoint SSL VPN Cert Expired, Undocumented Zyxel Backdoor & Solarwinds Update

Join Scott Young and Shaun Sturby from Optrics Engineering as they discuss they discuss the SSL certificate for Checkpoint VPN devices that has expired, the undocumented backdoor in Zyxel devices and a Solarwinds update from Bruce Schneier.


0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Today’s 3 topics
0:35 – Topic 1: Checkpoint SSL VPN Cert Expired
2:41 – Topic 2: Undocumented Zyxel Backdoor
7:38 – Topic 3: Solarwinds update from Bruce Schneier
13:41 – Closing remarks

Learn more about Checkpoint’s SSL Cert for their SSL VPN expiring here:

Happy New Year: Jan 1, 2021 security cert expiration causes havoc for some Check Point VPN users

Learn more about the undocumented backdoor for Zyxel products here:

Undocumented user account in Zyxel products (CVE-2020-29583)

Learn more about the latest Solarwinds update from Bruce Schneier here:

Schneier on Security: Latest on the SVR’s SolarWinds Hack

Learn more about getting a penetration test if you want to test the effectiveness of your network security, or if you think you’ve been hacked and need help with remediation:


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