Exporting NetFlow packets from Blue Coat Device

Coat Packetshaper are capable of exporting NetFlow packets. The
configuration to export NetFlow from the devices is simple, you can
configure the packetshaper to export NetFlow packets to the NetFlow
server. Follow the steps mention below to export NetFlow packets:

  1. Login to the
    Packetshaper UI and click on setup.

  2. In the list that
    appears select ‘Flow details records’ which takes you to the Flow
    Details Record settings screen.

  3. In the Screen appears
    enter the details:

    Collector IP: NetFow
    Servers IP address

    Port: UDP port 9996
    (default port for Packetshaper is 9800)

    Record Type: select
    NetFlow-5 from the drop down list.

    Enabled: Select ON to
    enable the flows to forward to the server

  4. Enter an integer (0-255) in the Engine Type
    and/or Engine ID fields.

    Note: When using the NetFlow-5 format, you can
    optionally assign an identifying number to a PacketShaper, in the
    Engine Type and Engine ID fields. You can use either, or a
    combination, of these fields to identify the unit that is emitting
    records. EngineType and EngineID are two of the fields in NetFlow-5

  5. Click apply changes to update the settings.

additional configuration is required apart from configuring these devices to
export NetFlow(the one mentioned above) on the product as it will automatically
capture the packets reaching the server on UDP port 9996 and start displaying
the data.

You can download the 30 day trial from here.

Hope this blog post is informative and helpful.

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