A hawk-eyed inspection of your VPN connections: VPN monitoring by OpManager

A hawk-eyed inspection of your VPN connections: VPN monitoring by OpManager

A hawk-eyed inspection of your VPN connections: VPN monitoring by OpManager

With the ever-evolving business landscape, a considerable number of companies have started trying out VPNs to help their employees access sensitive data at home or while in transit. VPNs offer a plethora of functions, like serving as a covert conduit between remote users and corporate networks, shielding confidential data, and granting access to region-restricted websites.

But with so many business-critical functions dependent on VPNs, an interim suspension or a security breach could have severe implications on the organization, and this is precisely where OpManager’s VPN monitoring feature comes in handy.

A sneak peek into OpManager’s VPN monitoring arsenal

ManageEngine OpManager is network monitoring software that helps keep an eye on network health, performance, and other crucial business-critical metrics to help you better control your network devices. With OpManager’s VPN monitoring attribute, you can:

  • Monitor VPN-related performance metrics
  • Set realistic thresholds for proactive monitoring
  • Proactively monitor for violations of set thresholds with alerts
  • Configure notification profiles and broadcast alerts over media like email, SMS, and Slack notifications

OpManager also lets you transform the collected VPN data into graphs and reports for seamless visualization. Customized dashboards for VPN monitoring is the icing on the cake, letting you see all critical data pertaining to VPN monitoring in one place.

OpManager’s VPN monitoring could be your silver bullet

Let’s take a closer look at how OpManager can be a simple solution to a number of complex challenges.

1. Suspension of VPN tunnels: When VPN tunnels go down, it negatively impacts the functioning of the organization, killing productivity and in turn paving the way for loss of revenue. To counter this scenario, the VPN Tunnel status metric offered by OpManager lets you know if tunnels are up and running or inactive.

2. Overloading in the VPN tunnels: When traffic through VPN tunnels breaches prescribed thresholds, it can affect data transmission between endpoints. To ward off such instances, the VPN Bandwidth metric helps keep track of traffic levels inside VPN tunnels, enabling you to proactively deal with VPN bandwidth issues.

3. Unauthorized access to your VPN network: Infiltration of your VPN network could lead to loss of confidential data, which poses a threat to your reputation with your customers. To handle such cases effectively, OpManager’s VPN monitoring feature offers an array of metrics, like the VPN Tunnels count metric, which keeps you informed about the legitimate number of VPN tunnels configured with your network and helps you detect any suspicious connections.

4. Inadequacy of your VPN network to handle increased loads: The Current VPN Session Count metric helps you determine the average demand for VPN connections at any given time, helping you decide whether to scale up your VPN network to accommodate increases in demand.

Learn more about how OpManager’s VPN monitoring feature can compliment your monitoring efforts. Or, to see firsthand how OpManager can help manage your network better, try out a 30-day free trial, or register for a free demo.

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