3 reasons to use network diagram software

3 reasons to use network diagram software

3 reasons to use network diagram software

By Gagana G.

Due to the evolution of IT systems, the recent shift to a hybrid workforce, changing client requirements, and other reasons, network monitoring has become much more complex. IT admins need to visualize the entire network infrastructure effortlessly. Gaining visibility into the network makes it easy to spot patterns, proactively troubleshoot faults, ensure the availability of critical devices 24/7, and more.

Advantages of having network diagram software

  1. Understand device dependencies – Understanding the overall architecture of your network helps you identify and monitor critical devices so you can you optimize network performance. Network visualization displays how each network device affects other devices in your network infrastructure, making the fault resolution process much more efficient.
  2. Aids efficient troubleshooting – A network diagram aids efficient troubleshooting processes in multiple ways. For example, when network issues, such as bandwidth bottlenecks and connectivity problems arise, network visualization helps you resolve these issues by directing the traffic via another route.
  3. Helps in network scalability – Since network requirements are becoming increasingly complicated, organizations have to scale up their networks at a faster pace. You need network diagram software to help you expand your network to meet business needs.

OpManager: Easy to use, end-to-end network diagram software

OpManager enables you to visualize complex and distributed networks effortlessly by representing them graphically.

Visualize your network in the following ways with OpManager:

Layer 2 maps – These maps help you visualize your entire network architecture by identifying, discovering, and monitoring all the devices connected to your network.Understanding the topology of your network enables you to easily restructure it when necessary.

Layer 2 Maps

Geographical visualization – OpManager empowers you to visualize your network geographically by placing critical devices on the Zoho Map or Google Map. When you associate a device to a particular location, you can easily alert the on-field technicians at those locations. By mapping devices to real-life geographies, you can also uncover fault patterns.


Geographical visualization

Business level visualization – OpManager’s business views help you logically visualize subsets of your network, understand the dependency of devices, and view the performance of your network on a business level. Business views also help you understand the performance of devices responsible for a core function.

Business level visualization

These powerful network visualization features will make your life as an IT admin easier.

Learn more about OpManager as network diagram software.

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