The FortiOS 4.0 innovation milestone – by Michael Xie

Michael Xie
Michael Xie

The FortiOS 4.0 innovation milestone

This portion of a post by Michael Xie, co founder of Fortinet celebrates their new FortiOS 4.0.

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Today was another big milestone in the history of the company I co-founded and I’m very happy to have this opportunity to tell you about it. Fortinet has released FortiOS 4.0, the firmware upgrade for our FortiGate security systems. This release is the result of a tremendous effort by our development teams over the better part of 12+ months. These highly skilled and talented teams worked hard to design and implement these technology innovations so that we could confidently put the product in front of our customers.

Even in this time of economic uncertainty, I believe that innovation is our greatest strength. While other security vendors are merely coasting along, Fortinet is focused more than ever on expanding our vision for comprehensive and easily managed network security solutions. We are continuously updating our FortiOS firmware and each release builds upon our existing, pioneering innovations. For example, with FortiOS 3.0, Fortinet became the first security hardware company to offer VoIP / IM / P2P security; we were also the first security vendor to deliver integrated SSL VPN with complete content inspection. We

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