IPv4 Firewall Testing on the Fortinet FortiGate 5140B using BreakingPoint FireStorm


Fortinet announced that the Fortinet FortiGate-5140B handled 526 Gbps of blended application traffic and security attacks during recent massive-scale testing. These definitive real-world tests were created using the BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM, the industry’s only product capable of creating stateful application traffic at the massive-scale required to stress today’s high-performance firewalls. During the tests, the BreakingPoint FireStorm CTM was able to push 526 Gbps of real-world traffic from applications such as Facebook, Pandora radio and AOL Instant Messenger, through the FortiGate-5140B. The FortiGate 5140B performed at speeds that were three times faster than any competitor’s published results and maxed out at 559 Gbps of UDP traffic. Putting the performance in context, the FortiGate-5140B can inspect 10000 downloaded iTunes songs every second. “In a world filled with applications and escalating threats, IT buyers must evaluate firewalls by looking at the effects of the actual applications seen in the network such as email, instant messaging, databases and social networking,” said Dennis Cox, BreakingPoint CTO and co-founder. “Firewall testing that simply looks at throughput, as many do, is faulty, and standards are changing to reflect demand for real world testing. Fortinet has been a leader in performing real-world firewall testing throughout their development and QA cycles, and their ability to realize these speeds under actual network conditions is a testament

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The original article/video can be found at IPv4 Firewall Testing on the Fortinet FortiGate 5140B using BreakingPoint FireStorm

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