Demo of a high availability MST200 Point-2-Point (PtP) wireless bridge link

Certain customer use cases for point-to-point (PtP) layer-2 bridging require link redundancy on one or both ends in the event of an AP failure.

Typically this is indicated when the link is carrying high value traffic, such as access to an ERP system from a remote warehouse that is critical to the flow of revenue to an organization. Another common example is when two customer buildings with lots of people in each one are bridged wirelessly for cost or inability to trench fiber. The loss of the link would potentially affect productivity of dozens or hundreds of users.

In the video, Chuck Lukaszewski & Roger Rustad demonstrate a high availability MST200 link surviving the disconnection of a random mesh point and mesh portal. Failover/covergencetime for a lost node on the active traffic path is less than one second.

This video was presented as part of the Outdoor track at Airheads 2013 in Las Vegas.

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