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Demo of a high availability MST200 Point-2-Point (PtP) wireless bridge link

Certain customer use cases for point-to-point (PtP) layer-2 bridging require link redundancy on one or both ends in the event of an AP failure.Typically this is indicated when the link is carrying high value traffic, such as access to an ERP system from a remote warehouse that is critical to the flow of revenue to […]

WiFi Speed Test for Android Demo

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pzolee.android.localwifispeedtesterThe most professional WiFi Speed Test & Analyzer tool for Android!Server: https://bitbucket.org/pzolee/tcpserver/downloads * download wifi_speed_test_server.exe and start itIn the application, scroll down, click on Browse, select the server then click on Start button. If server is not displayed, write the IP address of the server.For more details: http://pzoleeblogen.wordpress.com/category/wifi-speed-test-2/This demo was introduced for v2.0 of WiFi […]

Meru Wireless Demo

http://www.prodec.co.uk/solutions/wireless-networkingMeru Wireless Demo – Intro into a Meru Wireless Network for schools, education or the work place.The rising trend in BYOD means that the number of devices on a single network has drastically risen The increased capabilities of these devices coupled with high expectations from users to access the internet wherever they are e.g. trains, […]

Atmosphere 2015 Tech Keynote Demo 2: Classroom of the Future Concept

As technology is embraced in the classroom, daily rituals like taking attendance are now old-school. Aruba’s vision of the future classroom integrates electronic student information with mobility context gathered from Aruba Beacons and ClearPass policy management platform.Click here to learn more about Aruba’s wireless networking solutions