Secure Application Delivery for Hyper-Converged Infrastructures

Today, every organization is undergoing digital transformation. Digital transformation will enable organizations of all sizes compete by using the right technology to drive innovation and time-to-market. Key to this is using the right hardware and software to simplify enterprise IT infrastructure, reduce cost and deploy innovative solutions that drive growth.

Organizations have a lot of options when moving applications to the cloud – public (Google, AWS, AZURE) and private using hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). Nutanix is the most successful of the HCI startups and remains among the market leaders. As Nutanix .NEXT 2019 user conference approaches, let’s look into HCI and why companies are embracing it.
What is HCI and Why are More and More Companies Embracing it?

Hyper-converged Infrastructure is a software-define IT infrastructure with no dependency on proprietary hardware. It combines storage, computing and networking into a single system to help simplify data center operations while increasing scalability.

The all-in-one characteristics of the hyper-converged data center are attractive to IT professionals who like to consolidate all functional elements at the hypervisor level to reduce complexity and total cost of ownership (TCO) for data centers.

For companies heavily invested in virtualization technologies, hyper-converged infrastructures are a logical choice as they can further reduce complexity and cost of data protection and storage. Enterprises are able to redirect resources from maintaining the infrastructure to other strategic projects.

Despite the benefits of a hyper-converged architecture, some complexities remain. Most organizations don’t have all of its applications in just one infrastructure but in a hybrid of on-premises, public and private clouds. So how do you intelligently manage, control and automate the deployment of application delivery services?

There is no better time to take a fresh look at the virtualized infrastructure and bridge the gap between legacy application delivery solutions and the new paradigm of running workloads in virtualized and microservices-based application architectures including containers and Kubernetes.

A10 Networks and Nutanix HCI

A10 Networks secure application delivery solution provides an easy, automated way to integrate enterprise-grade security and load-balancing/traffic management with comprehensive application visibility and analytics across on-premises data centers and public, private and hybrid clouds. It is a complete solution that also allows customers to purchase licensed capacity via A10 FlexPool licensing system.

A10 Networks is excited to share how the partnership between A10 and Nutanix brings new levels of simplicity for your journey toward secure and automated application delivery in multi-cloud environments.

The integration of A10 Networks’ ADC solution and Nutanix HCI Platform gives you the freedom to run your workloads in any environment and operate those environments as a single cloud with end-to-end policy and control.

** Optrics Inc. is an Authorized A10 reseller

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