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Network Security Breaches – What to do after?

Network uptime and bottom line go hand in hand for enterprises dependent on online sales. According to an online DoS attack cost calculator 1 , an enterprise with annual revenue of $10 Million USD, of which at least 10% comes from online sales, can lose up to $100K USD per DoS attack! The year 2011 came to be known as the “Year of the Hack”, a time when we saw small and big enterprises falling victim to network security breaches, advent of industrial malwares like Duqu (Based on Stuxnet ) which can lay dormant for months and attack when needed (That was not the outline of an alien invasion movie), zero day malwares, increased DDoS attacks and more. As per some reports, it is estimated that around One Thousand DoS attacks occur 2 every single day and there are around Three Thousand active Command and Control (C&C) centers 3 which can carry out DoS attacks.