FortiOS 5 Video Datasheet

Kevin Flynn, Sr. Read more »

FortiGate Cookbook – Blocking all web sites except those you specify using a

Create a web filter profile that blocks all sites except those you explicitly allow. In this example, users will be blocked from all sites except Read more »

FortiGate Cookbook – WiFi and Wired Clients on the Same Subnet

You want to put your WiFi users on the same network segment (or subnet) as your wired LAN users, but the FortiGate unit requires each network interface to have a single unique... Read more »

FortiGate Cookbook – Secure WiFi with FortiAP

Configuring a small office WiFi network by using a FortiGate unit to manage an FortiAP Remote WiFi access point. The WiFi network uses DHCP to assign IP addresses and WPA2-Personal security Read more »