Why is ‘Analytics’ THE Key?

The face of the IT network is ever-changing. The IT network administrator has a huge responsibility to ensure that he remains aware of what is happening on the network at any given point. A hassle in the network is a hassle in the workflow.

Modern day businesses rely heavily on the IT network and the dependency of the business on its IT is very heavy. An Enterprise cannot afford a network disturbance as it shakes the entire foundation of the operations that affect business.

Thus, organizations spend heavily of the health of the network. The IT network administrators are endowed with the huge responsibility of maintaining the network infrastructure in good shape so that business keeps running.

What is the key to measure performance? Analytics.

When a network is up and running with multiple users depending on it for various purposes, the traffic volume on the network is constantly on the rise. Some vital information that the IT network administrator is expected to have handy always are:

1)      Top Applications

2)      Top Talkers

3)      Top Conversations

This information is critical because it is these details that help in further analyzing if these applications, talkers and conversations are in alignment to your business objectives.

Apart from this, the two primary reasons for performing traffic analytics are:

1)      Improve Operations and service

2)      Real-time business analytics

The analytics tools, by and large, come along with functionalities like QoS monitoring, SLA validation etc. The metrics that they provide help greatly in improving the service levels and quality of service by facilitating decisions involving these aspects of traffic analytics.

The easy-to-understand reports that the tool generates and the data storage options help in getting a real-time view of what is currently happening on the network, looking at the history of events and also help in planning for the future. Thus, the tool acts as an investment that gives visibility into the past, the present and the future.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer covers all the above-mentioned aspects of network traffic analytics. It acts as a comprehensive solution that helps in quick troubleshooting of network incidents like spikes, slowdown etc. There are features that help in SLA validation, QoS monitoring, WAAS reporting, Medianet monitoring.

All of these help in not just monitoring the network but also make well-informed critical decisions that could boost your organizational productivity manifolds. Do take our 30 day free trial and let us know what you think.

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