Time to move away from the old. Here’s a new version of IT360 to look for!

I thought about it a few times before going ahead with this heading. I’m writing this blog post because I realized that with the number of features we are adding to IT360 it’s easy to lose track.

Thankfully our customers have been instrumental in steering these enhancements into the product. Looking back I remember posting a blog post in May regarding the release of version 9.0.5 and today we are on version 9.0.7! Yes, we released this version a week ago.

So let’s see what the product looks like currently. Looks-wise, it’s still the same but we are working on a new design keeping the user-experience aspect of the product in mind. So stay tuned as you are up for a surprise in a few months’ time.

Coming back to the set of features that we have added so far in IT360; the most significant addition has been the integration with ManageEngine’s hugely popular desktop-management solution—Desktop Central. This feature is of great importance to Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Enterprises too can leverage of the advantages of this feature. The integration with Desktop Central is available in both the IT360 MSP and IT360 Enterprise editions.

Why did we integrate with a desktop-management module into an IT infrastructure-performance-monitoring product?

As you already know, IT360 is an integrated IT-management solution which has an ITIL-ready service-management module that does asset lifecycle management. It also has an integrated CMDB bundled in to it. With desktops being an IT asset, we saw a demand for this section to be integrated with an ITAM solution. This integration provides our customers with the following benefits:

  • Single sign-on:  There is no need to maintain separate accounts for desktop administration and NOC activities. Roles with access privileges can always be created for restricted access.
  • Centralized asset inventory:  All asset types, backend infrastructure such as network devices or desktops for example, can be managed using a centralized asset inventory.
  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity:  All IT-management information converges into a single tool. Desktop users can raise service requests and technicians can fulfill these requests from a single console.
  • 360-degree ITIL implementation: All IT assets can be configured into a common configuration-management database, ensuring that all assets are managed from one console.

Here is a link to the video that shows you how to integrate IT360 with Desktop Central and use it from a single console. YouTube link

Support for Virtual Center (vCenter)

The second major enhancement has been the support for vCenter monitoring. IT360 has been supporting the virtual IT-infrastructure environment for a while. It supports both VMware and Microsoft’s Hyper-V from its integrated business dashboard.

What value does the support for vCenter bring in?

  • Customers now  have a centralized view of their entire VMware infrastructure
  • The VMware  infrastructure will automatically be categorized into components such as Datacenter, Cluster, ESX/ESXi hosts, and VMs
  • Once the virtual infrastructure is discovered, it is possible to track availability, health and performance metrics of its various components easily.

CMDB enhancement

IT360’s service-management story too gets a push with an enhanced CMDB and service catalog. On the CMDB front we have introduced an option to create Configuration Items (CIs) and relationship types. With these, organizations can do the following:

  • Create Configuration Items (CI) and CI types to categorize each asset into entity
  • Create non-asset CIs like business processes, applications and customer organizations can also be mapped into the CI list with assigned attributes.
  • Maintain relationships and view them pictorially. With dependency mapping service managers can easily track associated problems, incidents and change impacts on each CI.

Apart from these major changes there have been several minor enhancements done over the period of these three releases. Each of the changes has been mentioned in respective release notes. I was going through the list of the minor and major issues addressed that have been either reported by customers or came through the integration we have been doing. I am delighted to share that IT360 team has solved more than 250 issues in the product, some of which you may have faced in version 9.0.4. I think that explains my heading to switch to the latest version!

On the performance side I am being realistic here, so we have made no major changes so far but yes, a bit of engineering and tweaking has enabled us to increase the performance of the product. Some of the areas that I would like to highlight here are as follows:

  • Time taken by the pages to upload real-time data has been shortened by limiting the size of the data retrieved from the back-end database
  • Database instances of Operations and Service management module have been clubbed together for faster operations
  • Central-probe communication has been enhanced

In-case you tried evaluating the product a few months ago and gave it up because of issues, lack of features or product maturity, here is a more refined and robust version of IT360. The only way to track these features is to upgrade to the latest version.

Download your 30-day free-unlimited-license-version for evaluation here.

Read what our valued customers have to say here.

Check out the live-demo to see what the latest version can do for you. Link to demo



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