This Week’s Five: SysAdmins are not humans, seriously!

Your network is safe, your computer is working, and your printer is running. Why? Because you’ve a great sysadmin who is keeping your business up and running. Whatever your problem with the network is, there is a sysadmin to help you out.

Some call them IT super-heroes, some call them genius. We don’t know who they are, but they are not humans for sure!

For example, look at this workstation of a sysadmin

(Image Source:

A person who controls that table definitely has to be a superhuman!

Anyway, lets take a look at some articles regarding SysAdmins, their work, their day etc.

How about “SysAdmin” as a career?

Is it one of the most boring job?

Your First month as system admintrator

A day in the life of System Administrator!

Some Fun stuffs about SysAdmins.. Enjoy!

Today is the World SysAdmin Appreciation day, and on this special day, we are glad to offer our gratitude to all the sysadmins of the world. And since we know what you love, we have those stuffs on offer here, for you. Keep smiling, keep making others smile!

Thank you SysAdmin!

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