Talk to ME Tuesday: Cloud Concerns Reflect Former Mobile Concerns

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We’re uncomfortable with the cloud today like we were with mobile devices five years ago, said Steve Januario, Site Operations Manager for TiVo at the IT Leadership Summit at the Interop conference in Las Vegas.

Five years ago IT departments were preventing people from bringing any mobile device they wanted into the organization. As a result, many employees had to have two phones: a personal one and a company-approved phone. That’s completely changed today. Companies are talking about what more they can do with mobile devices and any device is welcome into the company and the network.

We’re looking at the cloud in the same light as we did the mobile devices, realized Januario, who currently agrees with the IT masses concerned about the cloud’s security risks. It’s all about the unknown. Everyone is scared of what the potential problems could be. While we’ve seen outages in the cloud, we haven’t seen major breaches, said Januario.

With all the unknowns, Januario realizes that he and others could be proven wrong about the cloud just like they all were with mobile.

We want to know if you share the same concerns around security in the cloud? Go ahead and share your thoughts and talk to ME!

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