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In part one, we saw how can we can handle bug management in ServiceDesk Plus. If you have a need to manage bugs, then most likely you need to manage modifications to the system as well.

Modifications to the system (ERP, Finance, Warehousing, POS…) are very important, not only do they benefit your company by extending functionality to the system or maybe speeding up to process, they also cost a lot of money.

Usually there is a group of people inside organization who are responsible for making decisions what functionality is needed in the system. Attendees can be from various departments, sharing their view what is lacking in the system or which functionality would benefit their work. Also present would be CFO or other senior members.

Meeting could also be extended with the vendor to discuss status of modifications, negotiating for better prices or discussing bugs that may be frustrating.

Again, there are various systems one could use, but why complicate your life if you are already using service desk?
How cool is that you can have all the info in the same system?

You would be interested in cost of modification, status, time that is in development, cost,…
Lets take a look:
First you need to create a group, category, subcategory or an item with new topic – for the sake of this example, I have created subcategory Modifications.

We start by designing a template.
Go to Admin, Incident templates – Add new template
Add new fields:
Status: Approved, Declined, Discuss, On hold
Owner: Users that may be owners of MOD
Waiting on: My company, Vendor
Number of the offer,
Offer value: how much money
Type: ERP, Finance, POS…
Date requested
Date completed
Resolved in version:
Tested by:


Once template is created, we need to apply it to the MODs.
Open request, choose template you created
Apply all the values.

We create report:
Go to reports, New custom report
Name your report, select columns you would like to be shown:
Request ID, Type, Status, Owner, Waiting on, Number of offer, Type, Date requested, Date completed, Resolved in version, Tested by, Notes.

Go to filter options, Select Subcategory Modification, we do that so that we only see items that are relevant.
Run report – voila, we see all required info.

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