Up2Date ACC V1.901 Released

The ACC Up2Date V1.901 is now available for download and installation. This is a stability release to further solidify your ACC installation.

Remarks: System will be restarted after installation

News: – Improved worldmap functionality – Several treeview adjustments and fixes – Improved handling and performance for large number of devices

Bug Fixes:

Fix: 9023 Privilege loss for users contained in both Allowed Admins and Allowed Users
Fix: 9043 Retranslation of location “state” fails for U.S. states using alphabetical codes
Fix: 9047 Filter bar is not working with IE6 for Maintenance >> Inventory (Network)
Fix: 9050 Not all location data is refreshed after a GeoIP update
Fix: 9051 WebAdmin SSO is not available within Access Control view
Fix: 9052 Filter bar should have a percentage drop-down-box for node selection
Fix: 9053 Some dialog boxes close unexpectedly when someone else executes an action
Fix: 9054 Fix update/logout issue on object tables when 250 devices are joining at once
Fix: 9094 Default sort order for levels in dashboard should be descending
Fix: 9137 Dashboard does not update after deleting the last device
Fix: 9184 Allow to open several WebAdmin SSO sessions in different browser tabs
Fix: 9205 Filters for several columns in Inventory and Access Control view are not working
Fix: 9215 Implement filter for Scheduled Operations
Fix: 9266 Add new action form on the scheduled operations page is sometimes incomplete
Fix: 9301 Error during login: #10405 – you are already logged in on this session/connection
Fix: 9309 Adjust certain thresholds to real world demands
Fix: 9320 Provide just-fit zoom button for whole earth and full screen map
Fix: 9338 Treeview shows incorrect first image within terminal subnodes
Fix: 9344 In IE Violations percent number needs two lines when value is -100
Fix: 9345 Registration page does not show any more devices after deleting devices on subsequent pages

Up2Date: All Up2Dates are GNUPG-signed!
The Astaro Up2Date technology makes it easy to upgrade your installed Astaro Command Center V1.900 to the latest version. There are two ways to apply an Up2Date package to the system:

1) Log on to WebAdmin, navigate to Management >> Up2Date >> Overview and use Update to latest version now to install the Firmware Up2Date. Click on then Watch Up2Date Progress in new window and an extra browser window will show the progress of the Up2Date installation and the System administrator will receive a notification email once the Up2Date process has finished successfully.
2) Download the Up2Date package from our HTTP or FTP Server and install it under Management >> Up2Date >> Advanced Up2Date package: Download: u2d-sys-1.901.tgz.gpg Size: 164 MB (171.087.690 Byte) md5sum: e609d675f2377241584ce2e330069813

If you want to provide feedback or want to discuss any of the ACC features you should post it on our User Bulletin Board. Please take care to add always(!) the version you refer to (e.g. “[ACC V1.901] Worldmap”). If you have feedback to our documentation (Online Help) please send it to documentation@astaro.com

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The original article/video can be found at Up2Date ACC V1.901 Released

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