ComputerWorld Singapore Security Summit 2011 (A post-event report)

Astaro Asia joins as a Silver Sponsor in this year’s ComputerWorld Singapore Security Summit 2011. This annual gathering of security experts and enthusiasts gives perspective to security scenarios that constantly evolve.

ComputerWorld brings together network security experts and enthusiasts for this annual 1 day conference to look into the current state of Internet security. The summit aims to impart knowledge to determine the strengths and weaknesses of global networks right now, especially in battling ever-growing sophisticated threats, and look into what should be done to strengthen infrastructures and corporate environments.

It also dives further on how far technology can take us in the protection of our digital assets, looking into best practices and strategies that work.

Apart from a booth space, Astaro’s Benjamin Hodge, Director for Technical Services, took the stage at Track A on Zero Day Defense where he shed more light on the threat landscape and what all companies should realistically consider when looking into their network security infrastructure.


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The original article/video can be found at ComputerWorld Singapore Security Summit 2011 (A post-event report)

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