Sick Of Feeling Like Your Server Can Turn Your World Upside Down At Any Moment?

It’s a Monday and you managed to make it out of the house early, grab your favorite cup of coffee and head into the office. When you arrive, you flick on all the lights and log into your computer. As soon as you sit down and start opening your daily programs, you realize that nothing is opening up? Everything is showing just status bars on your screen. Then you receive an error that says the three most dreaded words for any business, “Server not found…”

Signs your server is begging for attention

Servers are the centerpiece of our business’s much like the turkey is at Thanksgiving. Your computers, scanners, printers and all the other “side dishes” can fail on their own and everyone else in your office can keep working. However, when the server fails everyone is taking a vacation. Watch for the constant complaints about performance, not enough processing power to get things done, missing files, or annoying error messages at every turn. These problems can lead to a full failure that could become very costly for your business.

The Red Cross found that 40% of businesses never reopen after a major disaster

Large prolonged outages from disasters or equipment failure can make you feel like your network is turning your world upside down. Not only will your company be out of business while the repairs are being made, your customers and employees will be held hostage until your server is ready.



What is the true cost of an outage?

Consider the total cost of your lost opportunities. It is hard, but put a dollar amount on the business you missed out on during the outage or clients you may lose due to the downtime.

Then quantify the value of your daily operations, how much money does your company make working every day?

Finally, add in your cost for personnel (# of employees x daily salary x length of time out of work.) If everyone in your office is able to continue in some capacity, you may want to reduce this calculation by 50% or 20%.

The final number you come up with will undoubtedly shock you. Most businesses don’t realize how much money they really lose over just a few hours or a few days and this number doesn’t even include the cost for repairs!



Leftovers only last so long

You wouldn’t eat Thanksgiving leftovers for Christmas dinner. So, why rely on leftover equipment from 20 years ago? Age may not be as important for your label maker or your calculator, but when it comes to servers, it’s a game changer.

As your equipment ages it will become outdated and inevitably fall behind. The ability to recover data is reduced, things can get lost and it just takes more time to repair older systems. If your server fails, this could mean your repair invoice will triple or quadruple.



Losing a little bit each day

Yes, you’ve read or heard about old outdated servers and sure, we would love to put a new server in every office in the world or move everyone to the cloud, but let’s be realistic. You need a good solution just for your organization.

Ask yourself:

  1. Is my server more than 5 years old?
  2. Do I need to make a plan just in case it fails tomorrow?
  3. Is there a constant hum of complaints in the office about the server’s performance?

If you answered “yes” to these three questions, give us a call today to ensure your office is ready.

Ensure your business is Always-On!

Create a stable and reliable network starting with your server.

Take advantage of our Network Security Assessment. We will assess your entire network for vulnerabilities that can plague your business with downtime.

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