Purple Portal and Enterprise Presentation Including Cisco Meraki 2014

Purple Standard offers free guest wifi but does not come with any content filtering, customisation, page redirects, vouchering or analytics.
Most of the useful features that will really help your business are available with the excellent value Premium and Enterprise license options.
If you have any questions please let us know and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.

Purple Chapters / Time points
0.00 Introduction
2.54 Built on Amazon Web Services based so scales to demand
4.38 The Purple Social User Experience — Customer Login and url redirect Computer (Premium/Enterprise)
8.07 Mobile splash page login (Premium/Enterprise)
8.58 Purple Portal (Premium/Enterprise)
9.58 Reports & Analytics (Premium/Enterprise)
12.17 Network Reports (Premium/Enterprise)
12.50 Add Users and permissions (Premium), Location Mapping / Zone Mapping / Geo Fencing (Enterprise Cisco Only at present)
14.26 Overview of users with mapping (Enterprise Cisco Only at present)
15.05 Marketing Eshots E –Vouchering Reward Scheme (Premium/Enterprise)
16.32 Dwell based vouchering (Enterprise Cisco Only at present)
17.21 Splash Page Customisation (Premium/Enterprise)
19.16 Customising and scheduling Social Access Posts (Premium/Enterprise)
20.46 Settings — Splash page redirect, admin section & social inboxes (similar to Hootsuite type functionality)(Premium/Enterprise)
22.17 Overview

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