Microsoft Teams and OpManager: The perfect team for your remote IT management game

Microsoft Teams and OpManager: The perfect team for your remote IT management game

Microsoft Teams and OpManager: The perfect team for your remote IT management game

It seems almost everything is going digital during this pandemic: businesses, education, and medical consultations. This increased digital consumption is squeezing the juice out of the IT infrastructure of many organizations. On top of that, remote work policies are posing serious security issues.

At times like these, IT infrastructure monitoring is like a football game for IT admins, except:

  • The end zone is uphill due to the increased workloads.
  • Instead of facing a 3-3-5 defense, you’re looking at a 300-300-500 defense against your 11 man admin team.
  • The defensive line stopping you from achieving your IT management touchdown is, sadly, your own remote workforce with its saturating VPN connections.
  • With all the work from home (WFH) policies, your IT team is crippled with poor communication.

So how do you navigate all these challenges and score a touchdown? Only with efficient network monitoring, which starts with timely team communication.

The perfect team: MS Teams and OpManager

Microsoft Teams is a personal/workplace communication and collaboration platform that helps you stay connected over chat, calls, and video meetings.

ManageEngine OpManager is an easy-to-use, highly scalable network monitoring solution. It monitors switches, servers, storage devices, VPN connections, virtual servers, Nutanix, network interfaces, and any networking hardware in your environment—you name it, we monitor it.

Webhook to the rescue: Microsoft Teams Integration with ManageEngine OpManager

Using Webhook, you can now integrate Microsoft Teams with ManageEngine OpManager. With the Microsoft Teams integration, IT admins get on a level playing field.

Microsoft Teams - OpManager UI

  • Stay in the know

Whether you’re at your desk or away from it, get messages on network faults, server performance, VPN connectivity, and other network issues instantly in your team channel.

  • Communicate and make quicker, more informed IT decisions

Whenever any issue arises, get input from IT admins working on other remote sites, collaborate, make informed IT decisions, and avoid potential downtime.

  • Keep your superiors in the loop

While monitoring multiple remote sites, create a dedicated channel for every site. You can configure OpManager to send critical alerts to the Teams channel that includes your IT manager. You can also share the network reports generated by OpManager in the channel, and keep your superiors informed of the network’s state 24×7.

With IT infrastructures under so much pressure, increased threats on data security, and scattered IT workers, it’s more important than ever to communicate and stay connected. By integrating Microsoft Teams and ManageEngine OpManager using webhooks, IT admins can effectively communicate and collaborate even in remote work scenarios.

You can try OpManager completely free for 30 days, or request a free demo to experience OpManager’s efficient network monitoring capabilities for yourself.

OpManager is a part of ManageEngine’s ITOM suite of solutions. Apart from network monitoring, this suite also offers solutions for streamlining server monitoring, application monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, configuration management, firewall security and compliance, and IP address and switch port management. This is why ManageEngine’s ITOM solutions are the ideal choice for over one million IT admins worldwide.

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