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WaveDeploy Throughput Testing

Recently I had the opportunity to test out WaveDeploy Pro on a fully installed wireless network. Normally the wireless projects I’m assigned aren’t ones where I’m given security credentials to authenticate to the wireless network, but recently I had an exception. Blogpost: http://jenniferhuber.blogspot.com/2011/10/wavedeploy-pro-throughput-testing.html Click here to learn more about Xirrus’ wireless networking solutions

Cable Testing using the Meraki MS Ethernet Switch

Meraki’s range of Cloud managed Ethernet switches offer a range of advanced features not commonly found on access layer switches. In this video Laurence Huang, Product Manager for the MS family of switches, goes through the cable testing capability available on the product. To find out more about the MS product family please visit http://www.meraki.com/ms […]