JESUITS – ‘gadget’ Ep99 – Xirrus: The Next Generation of WiFi

— IT uberGeek Alert! —

Switching without Cables! — If you want to see what’s next in the evolution of wireless networking, then you need to check out the line of Wireless Arrays from Xirrus. These high-end devices allow you to more efficiently utilize the spectrum you have, maximixing speed, range and connectivity.

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  1. wow u could use one of these in a LAN Party and not have to worry about
    messy Cat5 cables ever again haha brilliant! and awesome review as always =)

  2. this is why the real professionals use wires because you can control them,
    they are easily managed, have high security……..

  3. it should have a charger. so you could put in anywhere. cause i have my
    wifi system in my bedroom and whenever i use m laptop the internet is super
    fast. and my family has 3 laptops and 2 pc’s so i think this would do good.

  4. Wow, I really need to make my school get them, so I can have wireless in my
    apartment. It seems everyone has it but us on the end. LOL

  5. Yeah… the only question is if it will start doing that annoying beep
    thing if the battery gets low! 🙂 Peace, Fr. Robert

  6. dude!!! awesome!!! but not for me!! hahahahah wow!!! the next episode is
    the 100th!!! make it special!!!!

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