{N}Ode to SAM


Jason “Jed” Krisch, a SolarWinds customer, felt so strongly about SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM), that he decided to write a poem about it. The poem was posted on thwack, SolarWinds community for IT professionals. The poem: Nodes a-plenty, some up, and some down Directors, managers, all with a frown. We needed help, we needed a tool We needed less complexity and didn’t have time for school. We had tried homegrown, Tivoli® , SCOM® , and NetIQ® then from our Network Engineers, we discovered you! Within three weeks and at 1/4 of the cost, All 983 servers were green and SCOM® had LOST. No more host-based agents eating up our procs, no more false positives, zombies, or mystery locks. Just green (sometimes yellow) balls of joy and more time and resources to upgrade and deploy. We dove in deep with a little SQL, perl, and PHP and our patches, EPO, and HPSIM status we now can see… …all in one tool, a “single pane of glass” we are finally proactive and ahead of the class. We went deeper and scripted for Service Manager (by HP®) now those nodes are registered in our CMDB. Alerts are now tickets in our service desk app then we moved on to real-time Google® Maps! A node detail will show you location – and street view (!) one small click will create driving directions for you. The servers are all happy and so are the staff so now we can move on and talk about APPS! Within minutes we were monitoring Exchange and AD Add in Citrix® , SQL, IIS, and TMG! Monitors that

You Can Learn More About the Solarwinds Software’s Product Line By Going to www.NetworkMonitoring.ca.

The original article/video can be found at NOde to SAM

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