IPAM Introduction – SolarWinds Training – IP Address Manager


For more info, visit: www.solarwinds.com Welcome to the introduction of the SolarWinds IP Address Manager training series. SolarWinds IP Address Manager or IPAM provides an easy to use, centralized managing and monitoring system for IP addresses, DHCP and DNS. IPAM integrates into the Orion Web Console and delivers real time views and dashboards as well as historical and trending data useful in forecasting IP address usage and scope planning. In this series, Chris Lee will walk you through customizing IPAM, importing IP addresses, managing DHCP and DNS servers, scopes and zones and more. This series will give you the in-depth knowledge needed to effectively manage the IP addresses, and subnets on your network.

You Can Learn More About the Solarwinds Software’s Product Line By Going to www.NetworkMonitoring.ca.

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