NEC FT Fault Tolerant Servers and D-Series SAN Storage Arrays

Optrics is excited to announce the availiability of NEC products on our site. They include the D-Series SAN Storage Arrays, and the FT (Fault Tolerant) Servers

D Series Storage

NEC’s D-Series SAN Storage arrays provide highly available and easily scalable storage for your SAN without sacrificing performance and flexibility.

They include high-end features you won’t find on other mid-range arrays, but at a lower cost than other systems. There are four models:

Superior Dependability

  • Self healing reduces HDD failures by 30-50% and decreases the number of RAID rebuilds by fixing hard drives before they fail
  • Catches silent data corruption of both SAS and SATA drives that is not detected by other systems
  • Background disk & cache scrubbing prevents applications from receiving corrupt data

Wide Scalability

  • Expand RAID groups non-disruptively adding HDDs one-byone or many at a time to a maximum of 144 HDDs
  • Grow LUNs online

High Efficiency

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