Simon Tompson – Cisco Meraki – A Network as Agile as Your Business – 10th Annual Convergence Summit

Simon Tompson of Cisco Meraki presentation at the 10th Annual Convergence Summit from Britannic Technologies.

About Simon:

Simon Tompson is Cisco Meraki’s Solutions Architect in EMEAR, covering technical, presentations, demos, training, blogging and social media.

Simon has a long history with global leaders in data networking stretching back to the 1990s, having previously worked as an Enterprise Network Engineer and a Consulting Systems Engineer.

During his precious hours outside of work Simon is a petrol-head, also enjoying technology, music and the great outdoors.

Simon can be found on Google+ and tweeting as @MerakiSimon

The Presentation:

The world of IT has been turned on its head over the past 15 years, as the answers to these questions will clearly illustrate:

How many technology devices are you carrying or wearing today?
How many applications are running on those devices?
How many of those applications are using network resources?

The data networks many of us are still using today were designed for a world where the IT ecosystem was far more deterministic and static. The same desktop operating system on the same device running the same handful of applications.

These networks run on complex and expensive hardware, configured using cryptic commands and managed by experts sometimes far removed from the rapidly evolving needs of the business.

Cisco Meraki offers something different. Our cloud-managed data networks focus above all else on simplicity and business agility. We achieve this by delivering a Network-as-a-Service experience through our ground-breaking management dashboard.

During this presentation Simon gets into a live network environment like you have never seen before. Watch as you see how simply it is to tune your network for best performance and deliver real value back to the business.

This presentation was recorded live at the 10th Annual Convergence Summit, hosted by Britannic Technologies on the 7th November 2013.

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