Webinar – ‘NetFlow – The De Facto Standard for Traffic Analytics’

With ever-growing enterprise networks, a lot of concerns arise with regard to network usage. Traffic analytics becomes a key aspect in order to ensure:

* Productive usage of the network bandwidth

* Secure network

* Continuous availability of the network 

and a lot of other associated factors. 

The dependence on the network is ever-increasing. This dependence in a way boosts productivity of the organization but the flip-side is that the bandwidth usage for applications other than that concerning business will heavily impact the flow of business activities. Unproductive bandwidth usage leads to bandwidth competition between the different applications using the network. This could even lead to network sluggishness and outage. 

To avoid all of this, monitoring the network traffic becomes an inevitable activity. But, in case of large networks, traffic analytics is not that simple considering the bulky volume of traffic prevalent in the network. In such a scenario, NetFlow, as a technology, helps in a great way by acting as an efficient means to monitor traffic in the network. 

Network traffic analytics is made really simple and easy using NetFlow, a proprietary technology from Cisco. To know the different advantages NetFlow offers, the different kind of information that you could extract from NetFlow data, the potential savings in terms of cost, bandwidth etc. that you would get out of using the data, join our upcoming webinar. ‘NetFlow – The De Facto Standard for Traffic Analytics’. 

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Feb 23 – 10 AM Saudi Arabia/ 11AM UAE / 12.30 PM India/ 3PM Singapore / 6PM Sydney

Feb 28 –  8AM PST / 11AM EST / 4PM UK / 9.30PM IST  

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