Virtual Machine Sprawls: How can you keep them in check?

Is too much of a good thing bad?

The answer is yes. Wise men say too much of money can cloud your judgment. Too much of love can leave you heart broken. Too much of kindness can leave you vulnerable. In a similar vein, too much of VMs can lead to uncontrolled proliferation of VMs in your data center, also known as Virtual Machine sprawl or virtual machine glut.

Now when this happens, managing your VMs can be a real challenge. You can lose track of where your VMs are, how many are active, how many are in production servers, and whether they are secure.

How does VM sprawl happen in the first place?

Experts believe this has got something to do with the ease with which you can add virtual machines to your network. Since it has become real easy to quickly provision new virtual machines and applications, the number of active virtual machines might go unchecked. There might be situations where virtual machines run quietly in the background for weeks or months without anyone knowing they

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