Riverbed Device Monitoring in NetFlow Analyzer

Application performance
over WAN can be improved by using various technologies like QoS
policing, Preventing unwanted traffic imposing ACL, deploying WAN
accelerators etc. . WAN accelerators improve the performance of
applications on WAN and make them on par with that of LAN. They
compress LAN traffic and push it across WAN so as to make optimum
usage of bandwidth on WAN link.

Here, we will now discuss
Riverbed WAN accelerators and how to monitor them using NetFlow
Analyzer. Riverbed solves many network issues some of which are:

1. Poor Performance of

2. Expensive and
insufficient Network Bandwidth to Remote offices.

3. Sluggishness in data
backup and replication.

In lot of network,
Riverbed helps in effective bandwidth monitoring. Networker’s
deploying Riverbed in their environment also want these devices to be
monitored for traffic analytics. Riverbed supports NetFlow export for
monitoring the traffic through the device interfaces. It is possible
to monitor the bandwidth utilized by Riverbed devices using NetFlow
Analyzer. Plus, ManageEngine’s NetFlow Analyzer has a Technology
Alliance Program with Riverbed. Click here to know more details.

How to Configure
Riverbed Devices:

Riverbed provides user
interface to configure the devices. To set up NetFlow export, login
to the user interface of Riverbed device and click on Setup Tab, then
click on “Advanced Networking” on the left pane. You will
find an option to set up NetFlow as illustrated in the screen shot
that follows:

Configuring NetFlow

Once the device is
configured to export NetFlow packets to the NetFlow Anlayzer server,
the device will automatically be detected by NetFlow Analyzer. NetFlow Analyzer uses SNMP to get the NetFlow exporter

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