ManageEngine IT360 Now Optimized for the Apple iPad

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We have been talking
real-time IT and its importance in business for quite a while now. One of the most important
aspects of 
real-time IT is continuous monitoring which definitely is not an easy task as it involves sitting in front of a computer roundtheclock to monitor your
IT infrastructure.

By integrating operations and service management under
one console, with ManageEngine IT360 we successfully eliminated IT silos which
previously existed in our customers
 environmentsMoving ahead with the
advancement in 
technology, which has become mobile, cooler and faster with every passing year, we are introducing whole new interface
for IT360 that is completely optimized for an
 Apple iPad. This development in IT360 comes with the intention to keep our customers updated with
the latest technology that
has to offer and make their lives less


Version 9050, which is due to be released by the end of March this year, will enable customers to use their iPads to monitor IT
 using IT360. We have uploaded a live demo of IT360 for the iPad on our WebsiteDo go through the live demo using your iPad
as we have disabled the desktop access for this particular link.
 We have also placed few screenshots on the Web page to give you a glance of what the product looks like and how it functions on an iPad. For the first version we
have enabled features like Infrastructure 
Views, Alarms and
Business Services. We will be adding rest of the 
features in subsequent releases.


Some questions that
you could have after reading about this latest development from ManageEngine
IT360 are as follows:

1.     IT360 already has a Web UI. How is the UI for an iPad different from the existing Web interface?

Yes, IT360 has a Web UI but it has been designed to work
perfectly on a desktop or a laptop
. However, with the iPad and other tablets it was essential to create an
interface which 
matched perfectly with the form factor of
an iPad to give
 the user a smooth experience.

2.     Which edition of IT360 does an iPad currently support?

We have developed and
tested the professional edition of IT360
 for the iPad. We shall be extending support for the Enterprise and MSP editions for the iPad very soon. Subsequent releases will also see other
, which are currently available in desktop
, added to the UI for the iPad.

3.      Will this new advancement eventually have all the features of desktop?

No, this extension is
only meant for professionals
are mostly on-the-go and
 have very little
time to sit 
at one place in front
of a computer 
to view the status of critical IT infrastructure. All the configurations and permission access will always be only available in the desktop application. Moreover the current interface will only
have read-only access.



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