How to prevent DoS attacks?

DoS attacks are one of the most dreaded form of network
attacks among Enterprises and SMBs since they could paralyze network activity
completely. The after-effects of these attacks are even more that they have a
long-standing impact on the image of the brand if the company caters to the
consumer segment. If Amazon has a DoS attack on its network, it will hit the
headlines in a few hours. The news would go viral on twitter and other forms of
social media. Bad news spreads like wildfire thereby damaging the reputation of
the organization that would already be incurring losses due to the attack.

The major reason for these network crippling attacks to
happen in the first place is to ignore them. The mindset of Administrators
often times in SMBs is the fact that the attackers would not target them since
there isn’t much to benefit out of attacking a small business network. But, the
real intention in most of the cases is the pure pleasure of doing it. It
psychologically gives the attacker a high and it’s purely for that feeling the
attack is carried out in the first place.

Enterprises now have various ways and means to adequately
equip themselves and keep away DoS attacks. Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention
Systems are in place to keep the network secure. To augment the set-up there
are a lot of dedicated network security products that exclusively are meant to
shield the network. But, as products and security infrastructure gets smart,
the hacker gets smarter. Most of the products come with a similar kind of
mechanism of intrusion detection and the attacks are well-engineered to surpass

The only solution to evade DoS attacks is to carefully
record and study the size of these attacks, the type and the frequency of
attacks. All this is not possible until a Network Behavioral Analysis tool is
employed. A study on DDoS attacks by TechTarget reveals that Network Behavioral
Analysis is the key to detecting these attacks in advance and keep the network

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer’s Advanced Security Analytics
Module has a specially built Continuous Stream Mining Engine that performs
Network Behavioral Analysis thereby sensing these attacks before they bring the
entire network down. Micron21, a datacenter based in Australia uses them to
protect their network and you could download the case-study from the link
provided below.

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