Get the benefit of email alerts based on traffic volume through NetFlow Analyzer

s are concerned about volume of
traffic in their network and NetFlow Analyzer makes it simpler to
keep an eye on traffic volume. You could set up email alerts if the
traffic goes beyond a particular level.

is a scenario to help you
understand this
feature better.

user groups
use the same link in the router to
connect to the external network(as mentioned in the link given
below). The Administrator wants needs an alert when the downloads
exceed a threshold value. NetFlow Analyzer helps in set these
thresholds & set-up email alerts in case of any violation.


NetFlow An
alyzer version 9.1 build 9100, we
can create alerts based on Volume, Speed, Utilization and Packets. In
this scenario, the following steps would help the Administrator, a
great deal:

Create IP Groups

Configuring Mail Server Setting

Create Alert profile

Create IP group

As the
groups are using the same interface, we cannot create alert based on
interface. Each group operates within a specific range of IPs and we
could to create IP Groups based on the range of IP addresses. You can
create IP Groups by clicking:

-> IP groups -> Add

the screenshot:

Configuring Mail Server Setting

Mail server setting should be configured to send out the email from
NetFlow Anlayzer to the users. To check the setting, navigate to
Admin -> Product Settings -> Mail/Proxy Server Settings and
make sure the server settings are set and you are able to receive the
test mail without any issue.

Create Alert profile

As we
have created the IP Groups and verified the mail server setting, now
we can trigger the alerts. Click Admin -> Alert profile -> Add,

can name the alert and select IP Group and select IN Traffic for
Download threshold (For IP Groups we can either set download or
upload threshold combined threshold set is not available for IP

the Alert is been set you will get an email if the selected IP group
exceed given threshold limit.

If you
are using volume based billing you can set the volume based alert in
the Bill Plan itself. Know more about billing

You can download the 30 day trial from here.

Hope this blog post is informative and helpful.

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