Get real-time control on device configuration changes using DeviceExpert

Enterprises depend on network availability for business continuity. In heterogeneous networks, administrators face numerous challenges in properly managing the device configurations, carrying out changes, ensuring compliance to regulations, and in minimizing network downtime triggered by human errors.
Particularly, faulty or unauthorized configuration changes often wreak havoc to the business continuity. Hence detecting changes and having complete control is a crucial task. Detection should be real-time to get effective control over the changes.
DeviceExpert, the trusted Network Change and Configuration Management Solution helps you get real-time visibility on configuration changes. In addition to detecting changes, DeviceExpert also enables you to take some followup action on detecting configuration changes by specifying change management rules.
Real-time change detection is achieved by listening to the Syslog messages from the devices – most of the devices generate syslog messages whenever their configurations undergo a change. By listening to these messages, DeviceExpert detects configuration changes in devices.
Upon detecting changes, you can receive email notifications, generate trouble tickets to your help desk, send SNMP traps to your network monitoring system and even rollback configurations to the previous version or to the baseline version. DeviceExpert also captures the information on “who” changed the configuration also. Deploy DeviceExpert and take total control of device configuration changes!
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