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Newsletter – June 2011

Greetings from ManageEngine Desktop Central!

We are happy to announce the availability of latest hotfix to Desktop Central 7 – Build 70224.

Here’s the complete list of enhancements & bug fixes over previous hotfix:

Enhancements & Bug Fixes


  1. A new component, Notification Server, included for instant remote access.
  2. Option to exclude specific USB device instance from being blocked has been included.
  3. Option to make User Confirmation permanent has been included in Remote Control.
  4. Software repository on the Desktop Central Server is now configurable.
  5. Option to
    specify the DNS name of the Distribution Server along with its IP
    Address while creating a remote office has been included.
  6. Automated Patch Deployment has been enhanced to improve performance.
  7. Option to exclude computers based on the processor type has been included.
  8. Disk Usage report now includes a detailed view to get the drive specific usage statistics.
  9. Option to disable Software Metering feature has been included.

Bug Fixes

  1. Issue in high memory usage in software metering has been fixed.
  2. Memory usage during Patch Deployment has been optimized.

You can download the hotfix and install as per the instructions provided there.

To download complete product , which includes these enhancements, visit our website.

Note: After upgrading to this build, you should open TCP port 8027 on the firewall running on the Desktop Central Server for the Notification Server component.

Feature Enhancements in Focus

Notification Server Enables Instant Remote Access

A new
component, Notification Server, is included in Desktop Central that
enables instant access to remote computers that are across WAN. Earlier,
it takes a maximum of 3 minutes to take control of a remote computer.
The Notification Server uses a dedicated TCP connection with the remote
computers at port 8027 to perform instant on demand operations like
Patch and Asset Scanning, Remote Control, Remote Shutdown etc.

Disable Specific USB Instance

USB Device
management now provides more granular control to administrators. They
will be able to enable or disable specific USB instances on the network
thereby providing more control on the devices to be restricted or

Protect User Privacy in Remote Control

Control provides administrators the ability to protect user privacy by
taking the users consent prior to taking control of their computer.
Earlier, it was left to the administrators choice whether to use take
consent or not by enabling/or disabling user confirmation at any point.
We have now added another layer of security by which, you can choose to
force this user consent on all remote connections, while setting up the
Desktop Central Server. Once enabled, it cannot be reverted even by the
Desktop Central administrator.

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What’s Cooking

The features in our roadmap that are currently under development include:

  • Ability to deploy configurations immediately on the client computers.
  • Advanced Software License Management

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